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FYI: Unsuccessful attempts to amend the U.S. Constitution

November 19, 2008

Since the Looney Left has won and our country is in the process of being run by Looonatics I have decided it’s about time us normal, sane conseratives are edumacated. (ebonics will make a come back now, guess why?) So go read the whole thing and become edumacated. 🙂

From Wikipedia:

The United States Constitution has been amended 27 times since the Constitution was ratified in 1788. Far more proposals to amend the country’s supreme law are unsuccessful.

Up to 200 amendments are typically proposed in Congress each term.[1] But only 33 such proposals in U.S. history (including the 27 that were ratified) have received the two-thirds vote in Congress necessary to present them to the states. The framers intended that it be difficult to change the Constitution, but not so difficult as to render it an inflexible instrument of government. Their prescription drew upon their experience with the Articles of Confederation, which had been the United States’ previous supreme law since 1781, and which required a unanimous vote of 13 states to amend. This unanimity proved impossible to obtain, and the framers therefore laid out a less stringent process for amending the Constitution in Article V.

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Daschle to Oversee Obama’s Health Transition Team

November 19, 2008

Oh come on now I thought we got rid of this idiot. Thanks for the next four years all you left wing wack jobs.

From CNSNews:

An official with President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team says former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle will oversee Obama’s health policy working group.

Daschle had been a close adviser to Obama throughout the Illinois senator’s campaign for the White House. Daschle, who represented South Dakota in the Senate, recently wrote a book on his proposals to improve health care and is working with former Senate majority leaders on recommendations to improve the system.

The official revealed plans for Daschle on grounds of anonymity in the absence of any official announcement. The focus of the working groups is to develop proposals and plans for action for the next administration.

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The Republican Party is Clueless

November 16, 2008

The GOP lost for the same reason I am not a Republican, they have lost their Conservative, Constitutional Foundation
They ran a liberal Republican and got their backside handed to them. Yet they still think just right of center is the way to go? Tim Pawlenty and the GOP did not learn their lesson. They are continuing to talk about inclusiveness over principles.

Hey! Republican Party! Stop trying to win elections and start standing firm on Conservative principles! Their is no need for “Neo-Conservatism” look where that has gotten you, temporary success at winning elections and the people have become disgusted with you.

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The Uncooperative Family is under attack

November 13, 2008

Another update from the Uncooperative Bloggers:

Our neighbor has gone off the deep end and put the cable back up across our driveway with a new lock that we do not have a key to open. And then took his bulldozer and blocked our road; leading to our home. We had to walk in and have been trapped on our property since Tuesday, 11/11/08.

Now let me back track. For those who are not regular readers and/or listeners of our radio show and that do not know that we have been fighting our idiot neighbors since we have moved up here; ya need to read and listen to our previous shows. For those who do; you know that we have not had any problems since May with both our idiots. Yes, I decided to live here so they are our idiots.

Any hooo, after three days, we are free!!! The law came up here, not just the police, but the Chief of Police, the Under Chief of Police, Forest Service Law Enforcement and just Forest Service. We had four officials up here today. Now, ya regulars know we rally against the government 24/7. But if we are paying taxes for these people; then I’m going to use them when I need them.

And they stepped up to the plate and helped us. Our other alterative was death.

Any thoughts?

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Illegal immigrants worked at border agency in UK

November 6, 2008

Seems everyone has border security problems, not just the US of A.

From timesonline

ILLEGAL immigrants have worked as guards for a government body responsible for defending Britain’s borders.

Seven security personnel were found to be carrying forged documents, according to disclosures under the Freedom of Information Act.

One has since been arrested, five have resigned and the other is on maternity leave, while her immigration status is investigated. They were working for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which had responsibilities for border security until April.

The news that security issues have been entrusted to illegal immigrants will embarrass the government, which has repeatedly pledged to cut down on illegal working by foreign nationals.

The security staff, employed by a contractor that guarded buildings used by employees of the UK border agency and HMRC, were identified in December last year as carrying documents that were believed to be suspect.

I just love how the rest of the world thinks they have a right to look down their noses at us when it comes to our border security. Not that it’s the best.
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Uncooperative Update

November 6, 2008

Brian and I have been very busy on the mountain cutting wood and getting ready for Brian’s Health Mine treatments. We are currently in Basin, Montana taking a baby vacation while Brian try’s to get healthy for the winter months ahead. Hence the blog has been slow, but hopefully that will change this week. Thanks to all our readers and listeners for your patience.

The Uncooperative Wife, Susan
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