Bad Blogger and Age

Hey, Folks its been awhile I know, Bad Blogger, Bad Bad Blogger. I am staying with a girlfriend and listening to her as she laments turning the ripe old age of forty. Huh, I said to myself as I am looking for the reading glasses I just started using this year, how did I get to this point?

This point being growing old. Being a nurse for many years I have had many elderly patients and have heard many people say: How did they get to be so old? Well it didn’t just happen overnight. They “grew” into it. First it’s the aches and pains you never had before. Then its the glasses you never needed to use before and finally the grey hair you never noticed before. And so on. And as each change happens you just accept it; or you don’t, and go screaming into the night to find the nearest plastic surgeon. My girlfriend finally found my glasses and handed them to me as she complained about her birthday again. I for one am proud of my few grey hairs, (should actually be more considering who I am married to. :))I earned them. And as a put my glasses on to write this I think: well I’m not dead yet. Hell! I just learned how to ride a snowmobile this year!

Susan the Uncooperative Wife
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