FBI Interviews: Saddam Bluffed About WMD Out of Fear of Iran

The Left wing loons are probably pulling out their hairs over this revelation. Why weren’t we privy to this info earlier? Because we don’t get to know everything about the ongoing War on Terror. Yes, we are at war people. I know no one wants to say it and our elected cockroaches have made an effective effort to make sure the American people do not believe it. But it’s true. Were at War.

From Fox News:

Before he was hanged, Saddam Hussein told the FBI that he let the world believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction because he didn’t want his greatest enemy, Iran, to discover Iraq’s weaknesses, according to newly released FBI interview notes.

The former Iraqi dictator, though, repeatedly contradicted the United States’ case for war against his country, saying he had no connection to the “zealot” Usama bin Laden and never had any WMD’s.

The detailed interviews, spanning February to June 2004, were obtained by the National Security Archive and posted on its Web site Wednesday.

I’m going to make time later on today to visit the website and if I find something interesting, I’ll post it. But you guys are smart, visit it and find out for yourselves.
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