CNN’s Blitzer Surprised Giuliani Thinks Obama ‘Much Worse’ Than He Thought

From Newsbusters;

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was a bit surprised by Rudy Giuliani’s answer during Wednesday’s Situation Room, after asking the former mayor to reassess his prediction last year about “on-the-job training” for a President Obama. Blitzer inquired whether his “worst fears [had] come true.” Giuliani answered, “In many respects, it’s much worse than I thought.” The anchor merely replied, “Really?” http://clips%20from%20the%20interview%20are%20available%20here.

Blitzer’s question and response to the former mayor’s answer occurred near the end of the interview, after the two had discussed gun control and health care. The anchor played a clip from Giuliani’s speech last year at the Republican convention in Minneapolis, where he bashed the then-candidate Obama’s modicum of experience: “John McCain has been tested- Barack Obama has not. Tough times require strong leadership, and this is no time for on-the-job training.”

I will be “unleashed” when it comes to “my President” now. Why? Because he has “stepped in it” too many times. And I didn’t even have to put the “poop in the bag” and light it on fire outside the White House Steps.
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