Health Care Action Alert! has a push on right now to save the public option. They are lying to their people saying it has an 83% public approval for the public option (govt subsidized) in Health Care reform. They are having their people call their senators right now, because, the Senate is where it will die.

The Leadership of the Democrat Party is still insisting on it. Thee Liberal Democrats are saying no bill will pass without a public option. We have to push back hard right now! Do not let the left wing, liberal, socialist, commie, fascist, bastards beat us!

CALL NOW! Call your senators and tell them you do not want any Government involvement in health care!

Find your elected cockroaches contact info HERE

See my Health Care Reform suggestion here if you want to offer an alternative.

DO NOT WAIT CALL NOW while they are in recess or ask for their schedule and meet with them if you can.

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2 Comments on “Health Care Action Alert!”

  1. euandus Says:

    I would argue that the consideration of health-care insurance reform alternatives ought to include an assessment of how consistent each is with federalism, for if we focus narrowly on the issue of the day without pausing to consider the impact on our system of governance, we will be unintentionally passing on a less perfect Union to our descendents. If you are interested in my attempt, pls see

    You might also be interested in this NYT article:

    • Brian Bonner Says:

      There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows congress to dip into the treasury for health care. That said the whole of what the federal govt at this point is unconstitutional. Try and remember any powers that are not clearly granted/enumerated by the Constitution is left to the states and the people.

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