GM to shut down Saturn after deal with Penske falls apart

This was one of the better car manufactures for at least a decade or more. But now, thanks to the Federal Government, a company that has been successful and thriving is going to go under. Good Job President G.W. Busch and Obama. Yes, I am not a two party person. I am a conservative. My elected cockroaches screwed up yet again. Oh wait, the American people screwed up, cause you Elected Them.

From USA Today;

DETROIT — After months of negotiations aimed at saving the Saturn brand, General Motors said Wednesday it will stop making Saturn vehicles this year and wind down the brand by the end of 2010.

Saturn’s last hope, a sale to Penske Automotive Group, fell apart Wednesday afternoon. A Penske statement said it was notified that its tentative deal with an undisclosed automaker to supply vehicles to sell as Saturns had been rejected by that company’s board.

A deal signed in June for GM to sell the brand to the dealer chain run by entrepreneur and former race driver Roger Penske called for GM to supply Saturn’s current Aura, Outlook and Vue vehicles for two to three years. Penske was responsible for finding another supplier for vehicles after that.

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