Unwitting Tourists Have Breakfast With Obama

What the Hellll!!!! is going on in my White House. Yes, people it is our White House. And, as much as I cannot stand, this President, Vice President, First Lady, all the cabinet members, the Czars, and anyone else my Commie President has appointed, (wait, I need to take a breath,)aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Ok, I can continue, I do not want him killed. My President and et al need to be protected at all costs. I will allow my money to be spent on that endeavor.

From the AP;

It was not a state dinner, and they did not crash it on purpose.

Still, a couple who showed up at the White House a day early for a tour somehow wound up at an invitation-only breakfast with President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. It left to the White House once again to explain how people who were not on an event guest list wound up being ushered into the presidential mansion anyway.

The improbable adventure of Harvey and Paula Darden, Obama supporters from Georgia, took place on Veterans Day, two weeks before Virginia socialites Tareq and Michaele Salahi infamously crashed the Obamas’ state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Dardens mistakenly showed up a day early for a tour scheduled through their congressman.

The White House and Secret Service both said the Dardens went through the appropriate security screenings and were allowed into the breakfast as a courtesy because there were no public tours the day they arrived.

I really would love input from my beloved Uncoopertive readers on this one. Again, what the Hellllll?
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