Siege of California Storms Triggers Mudslide Fears

From Fox News:

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. — Hours of heavy rain fell Thursday on saturated Southern California as the fourth Pacific storm in a week came ashore, triggering dire warnings by authorities that huge mud flows were likely in foothill communities and residents of endangered homes should obey evacuation orders.

A young man was rescued from a rushing river in Orange County, but rescuers said they can’t confirm his report that a companion got swept away following a fruitless search. And a motorist was rescued after a tornado knocked power lines onto a highway in the state’s remote southeast corner, trapping the man inside his vehicle.

Travel snarls mounted as major highways were closed by snow and tornado damage, and strong winds grounded flights at several airports. Another tornado left a trail of damage in a community northwest of Los Angeles.

The siege of storms has led to several deaths statewide and street flooding in urban areas, and has turned the region’s often-dry river and creek channels into raging torrents.

I am no fan of California, but this is bad folks. Hey, how come we haven’t heard anything from our beloved President about this disaster in our own country? Does he care about Haiti more than us. And also, if you read more of the article you will find that the AP calls the acting Governor of California, Jerry Brown. Wrong. His real name is Edmund G. Brown Jr. OOpsy.
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