Interview with Frank Ryan, running for Congress

Last Sunday on our radio show, The Uncooperative Radio Show; Brian and I interviewed Retired Marine Colonel Frank Ryan. Who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s District 17. He was by far; one of our best guests. And we support him.

That being said, if you listen to the archives of the show you will find out that “we the people” are the answer. “We” have taken our voices and ourselves to the streets, on the Internet, and on the phone, to let our “elected cockroaches” know, their time is up. “We the People” are using our own money to protest against this Government. That says a lot. Not only is our corrupt Government spending our money to bail out everyone, including foreign countries like Haiti, “we the people” are using our money to try to fight them. The “Tea Party” goers do not have big sponsors to give them money to pay for their cars, trucks, SUV’s and RV’s to ride around the country for the “Constitutional Cause”. But our government has the resources to destroy our country, from within, with our own money.

Two questions that my husband had asked Mr. Ryan were very encouraging in a politician. Two questions we, as citizens of these United States of America should also ask ourselves.

Number One: What is the first question you will ask yourself when considering to vote for a bill?
Do you know the answer? Well it is: Is It Constitutional? And he got it right.

Number Two: What will you be bringing back to your district? And Mr. Ryan said: Nothing.

We have to ask ourselves what we will give up to get something we want. Mr. Ryan wants to go to Congress to take back his District by getting the Government out of his constituent’s lives, by keeping money in his District and in his state, not giving it to the Federal Government. A laudable goal, but one we should all strive to achieve.

It’s going to be hard folks. We are so used to depending on the Government, even me. I have been on unemployment before, had gotten food stamps and have been to the food bank. But I work part time, am trying to start my own business and am a published author of the novel; Opening A Registered Nurse’s Eyes; A Life Altering Journey Across North America. A hand up does not equal a hand down.

Our “Government Cheese” will be ending soon and I pray to God that he will guide us when that happens. I also pray it will not happen, and that the American People will overcome the challenges that are ahead and come out of this a stronger, more self reliant Nation under God and his great blessings.

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