White Men Leaving Democrat Party

According to The Times Union White men are abandoning the democrat party over ceasar baracus obamanus’ over his fundamental socialist/commie transformation of America. I think there is going to be a landslide in November for the republican party. I am not a party guy, but we have to slow this train wreck down long enough to get true Constitutional Conservatives into power in local and state governments. Once we achieve this we have the states re-assert their Constitutional sovereignty and tell the fed. govt. that we will no longer enforce your unconstitutional mandates or send you unconstitutional money, nor take money from you. Remember, the states created the central government, not the other way around. After that the states hold a Constitutional Convention to amend and fix the wording in the commerce clause, general welfare clause, 14th Amendment, get rid of the 16tth, 17th and 24th Amendments; then put a leash on the judiciary so they cannot expand their power and that of the central government. Then the central government has no power over us and goes back into its Constitutional lock box.

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