Obama to Limit Potential Uses of Nuclear Weapons

From FNC:

The United States will pledge not to use nuclear weapons against most non-nuclear countries — no matter what they use against us — but will keep “all options” on the table for nations like North Korea and Iran, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

This man is extremely STUPID! This makes it more likely that we will be attacked! There was no need for this statement, even if you “feel” this way you don’t say it in public!

The declaration came out of the Obama administration’s revised nuclear policy, under which the United States is committing not to develop or test any new nuclear weapons. The document is aimed at leading the world in reducing nuclear stockpiles, though some are concerned the country could put itself in danger if others don’t follow.

Gates said Tuesday the administration reserves the right to make “adjustments” to the policy and that the document doesn’t quite declare that the United States will never be the first to use a nuclear weapon.

Well, if you are not going to use it even if attacked, why would they believe you would use it first?

The Obama administration plans to urge Russia to return to the bargaining table following Senate ratification of the new START arms reduction treaty, to be signed by Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Prague on Thursday.

Gordon Chang, author of “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World,” called the policy announced Tuesday a “dramatic departure” and said it will work only if other nuclear states follow the U.S. lead.

“We could end up in sort of a … situation of strategic inferiority, because everyone else is improving and we’re not doing anything,” he said.

Gee, you think? Russia has allot more missiles than we do, something like 10 times, so we better not be doing it evenly or it is just stupid. Mutually assured destruction has worked quite well, notice no one has used a nuke yet. So, why mess with something that works.

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3 Comments on “Obama to Limit Potential Uses of Nuclear Weapons”

  1. Poker Face Says:

    Why mess with something that works?
    First of all, Fox has half the information in their report wrong. More importantly, Obama is doing this to get Russian and Chinese support on our side instead of Iran’s and N.Korea’s.
    Absolutely nothing has changed in our actual policy, All Obama did was spell out what our position has been for decades.

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