Teacher Sues Over Right to Flunk Her Students

From Fox News

At that point, the suit claims, Goudeau was monitored, harassed and disparaged in front of her students.She has since transferred to another elementary school in the district.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for Goudeau’s severe and extreme mental pain, suffering, and anguish; physical pain, suffering and anguish; loss of sleep; loss of quality of lifestyle; loss of reputation and standing in the community; humiliation and embarrassment; medical expenses; counseling; wages; and loss of earning capacity from the principal, the school district, and current and former school superintendents of the district.

I was thinking about using this story on our radio show, The Uncooperative Radio Show as an Up during our Ups and Downs for the week, but I am not sure it is an Up. I mean, what the school is doing is wrong, but the reasons she is suing them for is kinda whinny. Then again, it has brought attention to the horrible practices of the school and what they are doing to our children. So, that is a good thing. I just love the attitude of anyone who works for the government lately. Everything is “too big to fail”.
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